Finned Heating Element


The finned heating element has a high heat transfer surface and it usually used in dryers and shrink packs.

These heaters can be produced in different lengths, watts and volts.

Product CodePower – VoltageLengthDiameter
PIH3010001000W – 220V30cm8mm
PIH3015001500W – 220V30cm8mm
PIH4010001000W – 220V40cm8mm
PIH4015001500W – 220V40cm8mm
PIH5010001000W – 220V50cm8mm
PIH5015001500W – 220V50cm8mm
PIH5020002000W – 220V50cm8mm
PIH6015001500W – 220V60cm8mm
PIH6020002000W – 220V60cm8mm