History of Brand

In 1973 Masoud Salim started designing and engineering Mica Band Heaters with the purpose of using superior technologies under the brand name “Iran Elektro Technik”.

Fast-forward and facing the market demand challenges, we continued our activities to heat and meet customer needs and in 1989 Salim Electric Heater (SHE) was able to upgrade its range of products from a single product of mica heaters to the most diverse and latest products such as: ceramic heaters, cartridge heaters, nozzle heaters, flange heaters & etc.

In 2014, we entered the field of designing and manufacturing thermocouples by using industrial machinery and modern technology and relying on the knowledge obtained from researches, we were able to produce thermocouples with better efficiency, longer lifespan and a more reasonable price than its foreign samples. and take a big step in this industry.

Finally, in 2021, Salim Electric Heater was renamed to Asian Heat Base, which today is among the leading manufacturers in industrial, household and laboratory electrical elements.

By using the quality management system and controlling our products quality, Asian Heat Base seeks to increase the products quality and, as a result, increase the satisfaction of our customers.

After half a century we still hold true Salim's core value ironed into the DNA of the company, so that we can design more efficient solutions for your needs by developing innovative production methods.

We are always ready to provide solutions to heat & meet your needs.

Our Mission

Our biggest mission is to increase customer satisfaction by increasing the products quality and on time delivery.

By developing technical and engineering knowledge, Asian Heat Based always seeks to promote and discover innovative production methods.

ISO 9001
First licence of Asian Heat Base