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We’ve already brought you our pick of the best podcastsTV series, and even songs to learn English with. “So, what’s next?” we hear your cry. Blogs? Oh, okay then. From easy-reads and inspiring travel bloggers to blogs dedicated to perfecting your grammar, here are our top recommendations for learning English with a blog.

1. The Londoner

The Londoner is one of the UK’s most popular blogs; Rosie covers all things lifestyle, from sharing recipes and style tips to chatting about her (absolutely gorgeous) dog while they explore London. It’s an engaging read with a mixture of complex sentences and detailed descriptions – perfect for intermediate English speakers. But, be forewarned, you’ll get insta-envy from her photos of beautiful clothes and mouthwatering meals.

2. Deliciously Ella

If you haven’t heard of Deliciously Ella, where have you been?! Ella’s blog shares her amazing meal ideas and baking experiments with plant-based foods and non-processed ingredients and has inspired millions of English readers to take better care of their bodies. The best part about it? Eating well doesn’t just mean “eating green”: you’ll find just as many sweet treats as savory dishes here.

3. BBC Learning English

Since the beginning of time, BBC TV and radio presenters have spoken in perfect British English, and BBC articles have been written with impeccable grammar. So, who better to learn English with? The BBC’s Learning English blog has hundreds of easy videos, articles, and free exercises to help anyone from beginners to near-native English speakers perfect their grasp of the language.

4. World of Wanderlust

You’ll be grabbing your passport and packing a bag before you can say “I love this travel blog and it’s stunning photography.” From the best places to eat to must-visit secret spots, World of Wanderlust is full of insider tips to help you plan your next trip. Covering everywhere from the USA to Costa Rica and Japan, it’s a great blog for culture vultures keen to effortlessly practice their English by reading for hours.

5. Hannah Gale

This self-titled lifestyle blog by Hannah will keep your colloquial British English in tip-top shape. She’s a very chatty ex-journalist and her relatable posts discuss everything from her relationship to her favorite books and what’s in her wardrobe this season. Without even realizing it, you’ll be digesting new phrases and fun slang that aren’t taught in class.

6. Perfect English Grammar

With a seemingly endless collection of short, interactive English grammar exercises, this fantastic blog will test you on a range of topics from irregular verbs to your use of the perfect tense. The blog’s interactive format makes tricky grammar rules fun; but, to make sure you stick with it, it’s probably best to finish each session with a chocolate-based reward.

7. Hand Luggage Only

This energetic and excitable travel blog follows two best friends from Cambridge University as they write their way around the world. Yaya and Lloyd have enthusiasm in spades, taking their cameras and beaming smiles everywhere they go. After reading just a few posts, you’ll be dying to practice writing in the first person in an English travel blog of your own.

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